If you have any questions or would like more information about Arcadia Radiology Medical Group or the Arcadia Women's Imaging Center, our friendly staff and management team are ready to assist you.

Operations and Patient Information


Valentina Gatewood
Director of Imaging Services
Tel: (626) 447-0035
E-mail: Valentina.Gatewood@cmbsllc.net


Stan Gor R. T. (R) (CT) (ARRT)
Operations Manager
Tel: (626) 447-0035
E-mail: Stan.Gor@cmbsllc.net

Patient Information

Debbie Yamada
Clerical Supervisor
Tel: (626) 447-0035
E-mail: Debbie.Yamada@cmbsllc.net


Annabelle De La O
Scheduling Manager
Tel: (626) 445-4850
E-mail: AnnabelleDeLaO@cmbsllc.net

Physician Relations

Cynthia Frausto
Vice President of Professional Relations
Tel: (626) 821-8152
Fax: (626) 821-8154
Email: Cynthia.Frausto@cmbsllc.net

Medical Records

Michael Rockwell
Business Office Manager
Tel: (626) 821-8123
E-mail: Michael.Rockwell@cmbsllc.net


Susana Barraza
Authorization Supervisor
Phone: (626) 203-4882
Fax: (626) 698-7187
E-mail: susana.barraza@cmbsllc.net


Stephanie Hatton
Revenue Cycle Director
Tel: (626) 821-8139
Fax: (626) 445-6156
E-mail: Stephanie.Hatton@cmbsllc.net