Diagnostic Imaging Services – Arcadia Radiology

To meet the needs of our referring physicians and their patients, Arcadia Radiology Medical Group features many advanced specialty diagnostic procedures. We insist on state-of-the-art equipment and assure that all tests are performed by our well-trained, certified technologists. We offer these services in a calm and comforting environment. It is in this setting that a technologist will perform the imaging procedure and then one of our highly skilled radiologists will interpret the exam and send a report to the patient's referring physician.

Medical imaging is a sophisticated science that captures images of the human body that are not normally visible. These images are captured by directing a variety of energy sources into the body that cannot be felt by the patient and using the returned energy signal to create images. 

Imaging Services

To meet the needs of our referring physicians, Arcadia Radiology Medical Group's advanced specialty diagnostic imaging services include: