One of the most recent advances in breast imaging is digital mammography. Mammography plays a vital role in the early detection of breast cancer, and can often detect a lump in the breast before it can be felt. Digital mammography provides higher-quality imaging, a lower dose of radiation, and images that can be magnified using CAD (computer-aided detection) to assist with an accurate diagnosis.

Beginning at age 40, or earlier for high-risk patients, women should begin getting annual screening mammograms - for the earliest and most accurate detection of breast cancer.

With digital mammography, images of the breast are captured as a digital picture and reviewed with the help of a computer. The mammogram is then stored on our computer system which makes them easily available for our Radiologists to review. This flexibility allows the Radiologist to adjust the picture to clearly see all areas of the breast. Because digital mammography images are seen within less than a minute, our patients experience shorter exam times.

Advantages of Mammography
During and After a Mammogram

Normally, two images are taken of each breast during a mammogram. Each breast will be positioned on an imaging plate and then gently compressed. While two pictures are generally captured of each breast, it is fairly common for additional images to be taken or for you to be asked to return for additional imaging to ensure a thorough examination has been completed.

After your mammogram is complete, one of our radiologists will interpret your exam and prepare a report for your physician. Your physician will call you when the report is completed and will discuss your results with you.

If you have had a prior mammogram at another facility, please have those films sent to ARMG so that we may compare them to your current examination.

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