Billing & Insurance

Arcadia Radiology Medical Group (ARMG) accepts and works with most major insurance plans, including Medicare & Medi-Cal, PPOs, HMOs, workers compensation, and a reduced cash price list for patients with no health insurance coverage.

If you have specific insurance questions prior to your exam, please contact your insurance company to discuss what your plan covers.

On the day of your exam, please make sure to bring your photo ID, insurance/payment information, and doctor's prescription or insurance authorization with you. Payment is required at the time of service if your insurance co-pay or deductible has not been satisfied.

If you have questions or concerns, we want to help. Our friendly billing staff will assist you with your billing and insurance questions.

To contact our billing department:

Call us at: (626) 698-7200
Fax at: (626) 821-0142


Arcadia Radiology Medical Group makes it convenient for our patients to make payments online, using a secure billing web portal. You'll need the account number, patient's name and payment amount to continue. By clicking on Pay Now, you'll be redirected to another site.

Insurance Information

Accepted insurance plans may change without notice. ARMG strongly recommends that patients verify coverage with their insurance plan prior to having your examination. Some exams will require prior authorization, please verify this requirement with your insurance company.

ATTN: Anthem Blue Cross patients. Some patients may have received a letter stating that our imaging centers are no longer part of the Blue Cross network----this is incorrect. Please rest assured that our network of imaging centers remain in network with all of Anthem Blue Cross Medicare and Commercial healthcare plans. The only exception is Blue Cross is no longer offering Covered California plans in this region starting 01/01/18. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our billing department at 626-698-7200.

With Arcadia Radiology Medical Group's self-pay prices, you know exactly what you will pay before your appointment, and you will receive the same high-quality imaging and care from trusted, specialized radiologists.

The following self-pay prices are based on payment in full at the time of your exam.

Exam Cash Price
MRI w/o contrast  $400.00 
MRI w/contrast  $500.00 
MRI w & w/o contrast  $600.00 
MRA  $550.00 
CT w/o contrast  $250.00 
CT w/contrast  $300.00 
CT w & w/o contrast  $350.00 
CT Abdomen & Pelvis  $350.00 
CT Calcium Score (no consult)  $200.00 
CTA  $450.00 
DEXA Bone Density  $75.00 
Ultrasound  $200.00 
Whole Breast Screening Ultrasound  $250.00 
X- Ray Studies  $70.00 
Bone Survey  $135.00 
Screening Mammogram  $180.00 
Diagnostic Mammogram – Bilateral  $225.00 
Diagnostic Mammogram – Unilateral  $175.00