Patient Education

Sometimes navigating through the healthcare world can be confusing or overwhelming. We understand, and have provided some resources to help guide you.

Breast Density Law

As of April 1, 2013, breast imaging providers are mandated by the State of California to inform patients who have certain categories of dense breast tissue of their breast density in written form. Information is provided to digital screening mammogram patients to raise awareness and to encourage an open discussion with their physicians to determine the best screening option. Download the Breast Density Brochure Here

Our Position on Mammography

Although, recent news coverage regarding mammography screenings may differ, Arcadia Radiology Medical Group will continue to stand by the American College of Radiology recommendations for annual screening mammograms and clinical breast exams beginning at age 40, and continuing as long as a patient has a 10-year life expectancy. With that said, obtaining a yearly mammogram is a personal choice. Every woman needs to make this decision based on her personal history and guidance from her physician. Read Our Stance On Mammography Here